neck [nek]
[ME nekke < OE hnecca, akin to Ger nacken < IE base * ken-, to bend, squeeze > NOOK, NUT]
1. that part of a human or animal joining the head to the body, including the part of the backbone between the skull and the shoulders
2. a narrow part between the head, or end, and the body, or base, of any object [the neck of a violin, the neck of a goblet]
3. that part of a garment which covers, encircles, or is nearest the neck
4. the narrowest part of any object, considered to be like a neck; specif.,
a) a narrow strip of land
b) the narrowest part of an organ [the neck of the uterus, the neck of a tooth]
c) the narrowest or tapering part of a bottle, vase, etc.
d) a strait or channel
5. Geol. a vertical column of hardened igneous rock, formerly plugging a volcanic conduit and later exposed by erosion and weathering
1. to kill (a fowl) by twisting its neck
2. Slang to hug, kiss, and caress passionately
Slang to engage in such passionate behavior
to engage in such passionate behavior
break one's neck
Informal to try very hard
☆ get it in the neck
Slang to be severely reprimanded or punished
neck and crop
completely; entirely
neck and neck
so close together in a race or contest that the outcome hangs in the balance
neck of the woods
☆ a region or locality [not from this neck of the woods]
risk one's neck
to put one's life, career, reputation, etc. in danger
stick one's neck out
to expose oneself to possible failure, ridicule, loss, etc. by taking a chance
win by a neck or lose by a neck
1. Horse Racing to win (or lose) by the length of a horse's head and neck
2. to win (or lose) any contest by a narrow margin

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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